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Support Our Programs

The proceeds from your car donation in Massachusetts will go toward the following programs:

A Helping Hand Fund

Members of the community in need of emergency funds for a month of rent, a car payment, bills and food/clothing benefit from our Helpin Hand Fund. Your car donation ensures that everyone’s needs will be met.

Meal Delivery for the Elderly and Infirm

Each week, we make homemade soup and deliver it to the elderly. The proceeds from your Massachusetts car donation will enable us to expand our kitchen and help our program grow. The next phase is a meals on wheels service for the those unable to leave their homes and on-site meals for anyone who might need them.

Scholarships for Summer Camp

While every parent wants to give their child a fun summer at day camp, the tuition doesn’t always fit in their budget. By donating your car in Massachusetts, we can give scholarships to children in need for six weeks of summer camp fun.

Smile On Seniors: Nursing Home and Hospital Visitations

Your Massachusetts car donation will provide funds for our visitation program to retirement homes and hospitals. Smile on Seniors gives encouragement and moral support to many individuals who need it.

Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle’s pairs children with special needs with teenage volunteers for weekly visits and social outings. While the children get much needed socialization and an opportunity to build confidence, their teenage friends learn much about the importance of giving to others. The Friendship Circle also provides support for parents and siblings and strives to¬†integrate children with special needs into our communities.

  • Did You Know

    Did you know that doing regular acts of kindness encourages compassion and empathy in children?

  • Did You Know

    Did you know that just a 5-minute visit with an elderly person each week can prevent them from experiencing depression?.

  • Did You Know

    Did you know that laughter is a potent stress-reliever? Share it with someone today!